Summer Style Edit 2017

Last April 5, 2017 I attended a Summer Style Edit event wherein I gained some styling tips 101 hosted by Blinky de Leon, a blogger from Cebu. At first, I really thought that it was some kind of a fashion show. If you saw my tweet about it, sorry for the wrong info heaps! Anyway, here are some thoughts about the event: Fashion is important. In terms of eating, the saying goes "we are what we eat." The same also goes to wearing clothes "we are what we wear." Isn't it?
Clothes are some expression and interpretation of our personality. Sometimes, you don't need to talk let the fashion speak for itself. You can already tell what the person is like, without even talking to that person. However, this doesn't do to everyone though! (lets not judge quickly hahaha) That's how powerful fashion is. It gives us a sort of impression to people. So how do we give about a good impression especially this summer season? Here are some summer trendy ensembles that you c…

Ellyn Metallic Lace Romper ft. Winning an International giveaway

A few months ago I wore this romper to the mall after we heard mass. Actually, I've won this Ellyn metallic lace romper(yes it has a name) worth USD210 from an International giveaway. I first saw it on Kryz Uy's ootd post with the caption stating that there is an ongoing giveaway of the romper she was wearing. So, the giveaway really lightened me up. Also, Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy has it so I gotta have one! 😂 then I followed all the mechanics leading me to that romper I'm wearing. It's kinda tiring having to comment everyday on that giveaway post from Ms Soignée. But, that actually happened last summer so there's really no distractions at that time. After all those excessive typing comments, the romper has finally come to its rightful fashionista momma. (& thats me!)

I admit this romper has been my favorite piece in the closet. I still can't believe I won this. From online giveaway to my closet real quick how surreal is that 😍 I love how casually formal it…


It's been a long time since I made a blog post. I'm so sorry for not updating lately because of school. I will really try to get things going again. Soo summer is finally here! Sun's out, shades on and salty hair vibes again. We wouldn't want to miss out the beach right? But I won't be talking about the beach today. However, I will be talking more about a food café this time. Speaking of, I would like to share with you some afternoon bond I've had with my bestfriend, Donna (btw she made a vlog about this will leave the link below). We decided to try the new IG-worthy place in town no other than *counts* 1-2-3 and FOUR café and restaurant (yea i know🌽🌽🌽) Here are some shots of the place and ofc me 😊:

We ordered Carbonara covered with bacon strips and their lemonade drinks come in two different colors: blue and pink PLUS what's more surprising is that it is very affordable. Definitely, comin

Sweet Escape

It's a wrap for Junior High school! Wow I still can't believe it I surpassed four years that are full of sleepless nights, stressful weeks and unforgettable memories that our classes shared. All I can say is that it was all worth it! 
 But before we had our Commissioning Exercises we also had our Seniors' night. Our Seniors' night theme was Sweet Escape. Here are some of my photos!