Matchy- matchy with today's weather!

Hello dear viewers! 
As you can see the weather is very sizzling hot! Not the perfect time to wear those "sweater weather" clothes, well you can wear it for some other time. The comfortability of your day depends on your vibes,the person you're hanging out with, the environment and then it comes to on what you wear. It's one of the important things on what you should put in mind, ALWAYS. To wear clothes, is not just based on the fashion trends going on but it is based on your aura. It's a free country, you can flaunt that stuff whenever you feel like it. That is why I wore this

I chose to wear that top because it matches the environment's temperature. And it's new also so I decided that I think it was the perfect time to wear it. And what I also love about the top is its unique detail at the back it kinda looks like a rib? or a heart-shaped rib? HAHAHA but whatever. Who says neon clothes can't be wear at daytime? You can never go wrong with this top if you wear it at daytime especially when the sun is so bright! IT's SUMMER MIX EM' COLORS UP but know its limitations too. 

 That's why I lowered my top with a plain black skirt to avoid looking over used with colors. 

Well, I used my mom's wedge because I just like it lol. But you can wear any footwear you want, it's how you're comfortable with that shoes. Choose any neon like/ light colored shoes not the black ones because you have to layer colors appropriately. Because if you wear black shoes, it's not really nice to look at. But if you only got one pair of shoes and it's color is black,no problem with that! You can free to wear denims or any white pants.

 The top should always be the same because of its detail at the back you can feel the air running through your back and you can never say no to that feeling right? AND LASTLY, don't forget your INNER (tube,sleeveless, etc.) as long as there's still a way that the air can enter your back.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post :) Until my next! Enjoy your beautiful day! Take the chances before it's too late! xoxo, Crewenna El ஐ

Top & Bottom from Supre|Inner Gray Racerback from Just G| Wedge from Aerosoles| Accessories from SM dept. store



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