Sleeping Dinosaur of Mati City

Honestly, this summer blog post was supposed to be last year! But, due to many schoolworks I forgot to update my blog. Hope you understand heaaps!

Summer 2014 ☀ was quite great and it was a motivational summer for me since I tried workouts,diys and when I dive into the fashion blogging world because everyday I always visit the blogs of my favorite fashionistas like Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy and etc. But yeah, they were truly my inspirations! :)

Back to my Blog Post about MATI or shall I say TRAVEL POST my first ever travel blog post! Lol sorry I'M QUITE NEW TO THIS TRAVEL THNGY STUFFS! Well, it was really because of my dad! He told us that this place was his 2nd home because he graduated grade school, high school and college here! We took a vacation here because he was also doing business matters so my mother and sister decided to spend our summer time there! The place was really great! Look at this shot, IT WAS REALLY A PARADISE. Our 3days vacay was quite worth it though :)

Finally arrived after 14 hours of traveling by car it was a longgggg trippp! It was my first time to experience a trip that long but happily we finally arrived. Look at this! Mapapa nganga ka talaga haha

Summer breeeze! ~ 
OFF TO OUR MATI ADVENTURES! ~~~~~~~~~ By the way, It was called Sleeping Dinosaur because of what the mountain looks like hahaha see it?
When we arrived in the mini hotel my sister and I immediately went to this place because it was so relaxing to watch and the wind's breeze is too cool not to be felt.

Spent our dinner with my Dad's HS bestfriends haha cool and the foods are also yummmy :)
DAY 2: Breakfast   It was a quiet place because we're the only customers haha very much private!

1st place we visited the DAHICAN BEACH! You can go surfing in here sad lyf for me didn't have the time due to our hectic sched, but this beach has really BIG WAVES. 100 thumbs up.

My sister and my Dad 
Off we go again....
2nd place:

We had our lunch there and our appetizer was the best!
Here's some random pictures:
My dad doing his swimming meditation? lol
Don't ever follow this example hahahahahha my sister has this bad vibes with that starfish :(

My sissy feeling the air's breeze! 

And then there's me... haha srsly this was a stolen shot by my sissy resulting a fierce look.

Taking a shot with a tree never gets old!
This is the endpoint of my Mati adventures blogpost! I recommend you to go here because it's not really "magastos"! And you can have your adventure here with friends since the beaches & tourist spots are near to each other well you can bring along your pick-up ! I swear your summer is really super "sulit" when you go here so go and tell your family now! Till my next blog post xoxo, Crewenna El ✿


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