Summer Solstice

Before summer ends, I decided to finally do some summer payoff. Blue to hear that summer is running low quickly and #BacktoSchool again. To end this remarkable solstice experience, I made up my mind to take a quick dip. This is my way of moving on on some of the summer vibes I had and my preparation of the expected stressful school year front way approaching. Will be spilling some beans for you guys on how to plan out a summer scheme which you can try if you're planning to drive to the pool. And I don't want to end your summer ecstasy so regretful, right? 

Therefore, these babies are your summer must-haves. (and of course a cute towel and a sunblock I suggest a higher SPF)

And yes, I'm totally inlove with this Coco Cabaña swimwear that I got from SM dept. store check out their new collection you're gonna be crazy obsessing over it!

Eyewear from Aldo | Footwear from Natasha | Aztec Bag from Natasha | Swimsuit from Coco Cabana

For the ending piece, I would like to share some of my cognizance of what I've learned from our LCLC Club. Our batch color by the way matches the color of my swimsuit, I see NEON! I looked down to myself of the things I've reached so far and honestly, I realized the things that I should really take time on prioritizing. I draw in deeply and I get the picture of me. I found the picture of me stepping on this stone for how many times of getting nowhere. Now what? I should keep going on and walk on those stones furthermore! But this time I'll make sure that it's all gonna be a big blast. To start or end your day here's a slice I'll chip in for you: "Don't OVERTHINK"
Are things hard and difficult? Yeah, they might be. But you may also want consider that it’s you that are making them even harder. By overthinking things you make them more and more complicated in your mind. You can turn something fairly simple into a really complicated and big mess. And so it goes from something you can do with some discomfort. 

Hope, I moved your mind ☺ Enjoy the last week of summer for some! 

Photos by: A M 

- Crewenna El ஐ


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