Ellyn Metallic Lace Romper ft. Winning an International giveaway

A few months ago I wore this romper to the mall after we heard mass. Actually, I've won this Ellyn metallic lace romper(yes it has a name) worth USD210 from an International giveaway. I first saw it on Kryz Uy's ootd post with the caption stating that there is an ongoing giveaway of the romper she was wearing. So, the giveaway really lightened me up. Also, Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy has it so I gotta have one! 😂 then I followed all the mechanics leading me to that romper I'm wearing. It's kinda tiring having to comment everyday on that giveaway post from Ms Soignée. But, that actually happened last summer so there's really no distractions at that time. After all those excessive typing comments, the romper has finally come to its rightful fashionista momma. (& thats me!)

Gold bracelet and pouch from SM accessories

Look at those floral lace details | Romper from Ms Soignée

I admit this romper has been my favorite piece in the closet. I still can't believe I won this. From online giveaway to my closet real quick how surreal is that 😍 I love how casually formal it looks that you can wear this from day to night. For my day look, I just wear the romper as it is but if you wanna go the extra mile on this you can layer it with a black skirt. Idk but I've been currently obsessing over the gold and dark blue combination that I decided to match this blue romper with gold. What I also love about the romper is that it really has a nice gold floral lace details at the back, the shoulder part and the edges of the shorts. It's really a bonus points to the romper's overall look. That's all for this blogpost. Have a good day 😊


  1. Wow congratulations for winning! You deserve it



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