Summer Style Edit 2017

Last April 5, 2017 I attended a Summer Style Edit event wherein I gained some styling tips 101 hosted by Blinky de Leon, a blogger from Cebu. At first, I really thought that it was some kind of a fashion show. If you saw my tweet about it, sorry for the wrong info heaps! Anyway, here are some thoughts about the event: Fashion is important. In terms of eating, the saying goes "we are what we eat." The same also goes to wearing clothes "we are what we wear." Isn't it?
Clothes are some expression and interpretation of our personality. Sometimes, you don't need to talk let the fashion speak for itself. You can already tell what the person is like, without even talking to that person. However, this doesn't do to everyone though! (lets not judge quickly hahaha) That's how powerful fashion is. It gives us a sort of impression to people. So how do we give about a good impression especially this summer season? Here are some summer trendy ensembles that you can try for this summer!
1) Blue and White

2) Lacy Black

3) Floral appliques


4) White tunic


5) Palm trees & Banana leaf prints

All photos from Pinterest and Instagram (@smwoman)


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