My PROM? Well.

It was really a night to remember though :) And It really looked like it was a dream after all! Hahaha I can't evennnnn all the moments were worth to be treasured! Well back to the topic, My PROM? Well..... I can really say that it was really a Magical night for us all! How our Promdates treated us! The Vintage gowns! (because our Prom's theme was Vintage so yeah) The place! The people! The air! And most especially the most fun part of the event, the RAVE, to be honest It was really my first time to rave! And luckily, I got to spend it with my four other girls (my PICs) Haha!!! I ADMIT I KEPT ON SHOUTING COS WHY NOT YOLO! IT WAS C R A Z Y AS HELL! Hahhaha it was a fun night for us all! And one of my Prom's highlights also is that I got to represent our class as the Prom Queen Candidate #7 but I didn't have the chance to top it more! But it's okay, atleast! Haha I can remember when I woke up early to shoot (6 AM) yes thanks to my supportive family who really dared to wake up early too so that I can have a photoshoot with my gown on! Well, if you're wondering about my gown... You can use it in two ways actually 1) cocktail or 2) long gown I'll just post it below for you to see it!

Left : Cocktail      Right:Long gown

Big thanks to the Alma Roa staffs for providing some of my accessories. 
My prom would not be that magical without these people who assisted me and woke up 6am just to shoot!
excuse my face. 


This was the place the event was held @Xavier Estates Clubhouse

My night will not be fun without this squad! ❤ 

My parents with my promdate :)
AND OF COURSE MY AWAITED SELFIE ( no palagens! :P hahaha)

Weeeee lastly my Prom 2k15 Photoshoot thanks to my #1 photographer my Dudra. haha

Well, that's all for my Blogpost it might be late still better than never ryt? haha Bye! Until my next blogpost!:) xoxo, Crewenna El ★ AND OH WAIT, Mrs. Alma Roa for my beautiful vintage gown and SDR for my makeup! in case ur wondering, my Mom did my makeup during our 6am shoot :) Now, buh bye. Carpe Diem ∞


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