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My Summer 2015. 

Boring. HOT. #TeamBahay. Sleep. Internet.  Yes, It's just only 5 words to describe my Summer. Unlike, last year's summer it was all about the beach and outdoor activities. This time, to take advantage of my BOREDOM moments I like to use this season to just CHILL, spend some time with friends, sleep EARLY (cos of the heavy eyebags I got from my stressful 3rd yr sy -.-) , Prioritize things that are really needed to focus on, and my PREPARATION for the upcoming sy because I know it would be so much busier than the last sy.
 *random thought alert*
  Isn't it depressing that there's no winter season here in the Philippines!? Like yeah, I like the cold temperature than the hot temperature, I know I'm not alone! SML FOR SNOWS *cries snowflakes* ❄️⛄️  k, to move on with that random thought this blog post is about how to spend quality time with your barkada/with a friend this Summer season! It's never too late! You still have many days to choose from to reserve a date with your friends. Well, in my case I chose three places to hang out with my bestie. The first place is THE PARK how bout a stroll in the park right? Well, it's kinda mainstream and old but who cares?! The important is that you can talk together and a comfortable place to spend time together. 


Hmmmm, How bout in the FOOD CAFEs? We are able to try out the two newest food cafes in the city. First stop : Nummies (Pabayo st.) The place is very cute and comfy because it has it's unique decorations + there's an eating area there that you can sit directly at the floor w/ cute customized pillow and also you can choose a lot of their "cake in a jars" and many more. But, instead we purchased  that chocolate chip icecream!

                                      ( the cake in a jars are too cute not to include in my ootd shot!)

Here's the one I'm referring to when I mentioned that there's an eating area that's really cute. Such a cute spot!

Second stop: Pengoo! (Divisoria arcade 2nd floor near Greenwich) The place is very simple and clean quite comfy too! Perfect place to have chikkas because the place is really not that crowded! :)) hahahaha what I love most is their snow icecreams!!! You can choose any icecream flavor, toppings and etc. that you want! And their icecream is not really looks like the usual icecream that we find at the streets,malls,parks etc. Love its texture! :) 

Hope you got some ideas! Go check 'em out!
Here are some of our BTS shots haha (WBNTT)

Never a dull moment with this girl! sml 💖💖💖💖💖💖🎀 
To end this post, I want to end it with a quote saying "Not every person or opportunity that knocks on the door of your life should be let in. "

Thanks for visiting my blog!! See you in my next blog post! 
xoxo, Crewenna El à®   Enjoy your Summer guyszx!! :)) Be PRODUCTIVE! #YOLOworks

Photos by Shania Yulo 


  1. I think winter isn't really that great. Not based on my own experience, but I've heard it from a couple of friends who've been to US and my whole family is in Europe, and they say the same things. Sure, winter looks great in pictures but in reality it's not. It's too cold, people get snowed in, can't drive anywhere, they get winter burns and other stuff.

    If there was a season that's going to be the most amazing one, that should probably fall or autumn, as they say. It's the perfect temperature. The surroundings look beautiful with the turning of the trees and stuff like that. But i wouldn't mind experiencing some winter for at least once in my life.

    Anyway, I totally agree with you. It's so hot now that it's summer. It's great that you're not doing much because there is no school these month. You should enjoy these times because I'm telling you, once you start working, there is no more vacations as long as summer vaca in school years.

    Stay Wonderful Always,
    Kintsugi of Life

    PS. I have my very first giveaway on my blog. Hope you can join.

    1. I think it's because I haven't experienced winter in my life! Hahahha that's why I'm saying that though even if they say that it's very cold, I still want to feel winter tho! Yes , ikr! Definitely, digging out the best of everything that summer throws on me. Thank you so much for visiting! I'll visit your blog if I have time :)


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